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1) What is the main objective of the Nambillo Biological Station?

The main objective of the Nambillo Biological Station is to contribute to the conservation of the Mindo mountains and the Nambillo mountain range through scientific research and the promotion of a conscious and balanced relationship with the ecosystem.

2) What is the role of the volunteers at the station? What kind of activities and projects do they carry out?

Volunteers play a fundamental role at the station, participating in scientific research activities, permaculture projects and supporting the day-to-day management of the station. They may be involved in data collection, biodiversity monitoring, land maintenance, and support in environmental education programs.

3) What are the requirements and skills needed to volunteer at the station?

Requirements and skills needed may vary depending on specific projects and activities. However, interest and passion for conservation and scientific research are valued, as well as a willingness to work in a team, adaptability to the natural environment and the ability to follow instructions and established protocols.

4) What is the minimum and maximum duration of volunteering at the Mindo Biological Station?

The recommended minimum duration is two weeks, while the maximum duration may vary depending on availability and the needs of the project.

5) What is the accommodation and meals provided for the volunteers?

The station offers basic but comfortable accommodation, with shared facilities. Meals are provided, usually on a self-service basis or in collaboration with other volunteers and station staff.

6) Are there any costs associated with volunteering at the station?

Yes, there is a cost of participation that covers basic accommodation, meals and the operating expenses of the station. However, these costs are generally affordable and are used to support conservation and station projects.

7) Is there any type of training or orientation offered before starting as a volunteer?

Yes, training and orientation are offered before volunteers begin their stay at the Mindo Biological Station. Detailed information about volunteer projects, activities, and expectations is provided prior to your arrival. In addition, an on-site orientation is conducted that includes an introduction to the natural environment, safety measures, research and permaculture protocols, and proper use of facilities. This initial training ensures that volunteers are prepared and comfortable beginning their work at the station.

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